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Gottman Trained Couples Counselor

When your relationship is in crisis, you may feel frustrated, overwhelmed and sometimes hopeless.  Perhaps you've already been through couples counseling (maybe even more than once!) and left feeling your efforts were wasted. Gottman method couples counseling is a unique couples therapy strategy based on 40 years of research into what makes relationships succeed or fail.  Although no one can guarantee that any type of counseling will ultimately save your relationship, the Gottman method is the only method used today that is based on the results of research conducted with literally thousands of couples.

Although Jeff Palitz, LMFT has completed all three levels of Gottman Method Couples Therapy training, and he uses Gottman method interventions with all couples he sees, he is not a Certified Gottman Method therapist. Couples counseling sessions will focus on you and your partner working directly with each other to develop the skills you need to foster an environment of collaboration and understanding in your relationship.

For the first session both members of the couple must attend.


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