Please read this entire page before scheduling 

(It will save you time!)

*Couples Please note:  I am not accepting new couples clients at this time.*

Please add to your allowed list in your email program. After you schedule your first appointment, you will receive email messages from directing you to your client portal for important information about your first session. If you do not receive those messages within 24 hours of making your appointment, please check your client portal and your spam/junk mail folder.

When scheduling your appointment, if you receive the message "More times on this date may be available by phone. Call the office for more information"​ or "No future (45) minutes slots found" or if you click on "More dates" and no openings appear, it means I am booked for the date range you have entered (usually the next two weeks). I do not have any openings available that do not show up on the site. Please enter a later date into the "Starting on date" box near the top of the page and click Search until available openings appear. I apologize for any confusion those messages may cause, but calling the office will not result in an earlier date being available.

Please sign up using the first and last name of the client. If you are scheduling a session for your child (I see children ages 13 and older only), please use his or her name. Clients 18 and older should schedule their own appointments.

To ensure that you do not have to wait several weeks for follow-up sessions and that you will be able to get appointments on days/at times that are most convenient for you, I strongly encourage you to schedule several appointments at a time.  As a general rule, I recommend weekly appointments for at least the first 3 or 4 sessions. Keep in mind that you are welcome to cancel your follow up appointments at no cost to you, as long as you do so with at least 24 hours' notice.


If you prefer to schedule one appointment at a time, you may have difficulty getting appointments in the timeframe you desire.  


Appointments before 10am and after 1:30pm are often in high demand - appointments after 4pm may be booked 6 to 8 weeks in advance. 

Please note, if you miss an appointment or cancel with fewer than 24 hours' notice, a $75 fee will be assessed to your account.

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