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Parenting young kids isn't easy - sometimes a small change is all you need.


School-aged children struggle with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. The good news is that with help, YOU have the greatest power to create the positive changes you wish for in your kids. 


For more than 18 years, Jeff Palitz, LMFT has worked with parents of school-aged kids who struggle with their kids' anger, anxiety, sadness, defiance, academic challenges and more. Although Jeff does not work with children under the age of 13, he does work with their parents (without children present). The good news is that often even small changes in parenting strategy at home can result in big changes in younger kids' feelings and behaviors. This approach allows parents to take pride in their parenting and in the changes they see in their kids as a result. It also allows kids to avoid feeling labeled or pathologized. And, even if the child's issues go beyond parenting (anxiety, ADHD, learning disability, etc.) starting out with addressing parenting strategies is still an important step in the assessment and diagnosis process.


If you prefer for your school-aged child to be seen individually, please email Jeff  or call 619.271.8886 before scheduling.

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